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Size: 4'x4'
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Product Features

  • Webbing all around
  • Elastic on corners
  • Grommets
  • Ties & Storage bags are included
It is a very light diffusion fabric that creates a soft, flattering effect on facial features, appearing to smooth wrinkles and lines. The fabric also introduces some ambient bounce, which helps to fill in shadows and create a more even overall lighting effect. Full Soft Frost is often used in portrait photography and video shoots where soft, natural-looking light is desired. Fabric by Features.
Surface cleaning is preferred. If washing is required, hand wash in cold water with soap or detergent, after the unit has been carefully inspected to be certain that there are no rips or tears and that all strings have been removed. Dry on an appropriate size frame.

Fabric Cleaning:

FULL Soft Frost is an extruded PVC, non-woven. Because it does not have fibers, it tends to tear where the needle has punctured the material when it is sewn. We minimize this by applying a special tape to sew through. This tape is designed to have very little adhesive leak in hot conditions.

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