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Size: 4'x4' (122x122 cm)
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Product Features

  • Webbing all around
  • Elastic on corners
  • The approximate light loss is 0.6 Stops
  • Ties & Storage bag are included

Bobbinet is used for reducing sun or artificial light.

It is a lightweight and transparent material that can be used to reduce the intensity of the sun or artificial light, allowing for a softer and more even distribution of light on the subject. It can also be used to create a soft and subtle diffusion effect, which helps to reduce harsh shadows and create a more flattering and natural-looking image. Additionally, Bobbinet is often used as a backdrop or to create various special effects in film and photography.

Black, the most popular color, absorbs as much as 90% of the light and reflects no light. White bobbin net absorbs about 30% of the light and reflects the remaining 70%. These delicate nets are used to achieve fine subtleties of quality lighting.

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