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  • Stainless Steel Frame

Book light bounce technology is a lighting technique used in photography and filmmaking, which involves reflecting light off a surface to create a soft, diffused light source. This technique is often used in low-light situations or when a softer, more natural-looking light is desired.

In book light bounce technology, a light source is typically aimed at a reflective surface, such as a white wall or ceiling, or a specially-designed reflector panel, to bounce the light back onto the subject. The reflected light is diffused and scattered, creating a soft, even illumination that helps to reduce harsh shadows and create a more natural-looking image.

Book light bounce technology is often used in portrait photography and filmmaking, as well as in product photography and commercial work. It can be used with a variety of light sources, including studio lights, natural light, and even on-camera flashes.

Overall, book light bounce technology is a versatile and effective lighting technique that can help to enhance the quality and aesthetic of photographic and video projects.


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