SQUARE GEL FRAME 40" X 40" (101x101cm)

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3/4" square aluminium frame, measuring 40" X 40" (101x101cm)

Aluminum gel frames are a type of gel frame made from lightweight and durable aluminum. They are commonly used in stage lighting and film/TV production to hold colored gels or filters in front of a lighting fixture.

Aluminum gel frames come in a variety of sizes to fit different lighting fixtures and gels. They are usually designed to fit snugly over the front of a lighting fixture, holding the gel or filter in place and protecting it from damage.

In addition to holding gels and filters, aluminum gel frames can also be used to hold diffusion materials such as silk or muslin. These materials are used to soften and diffuse the light produced by a lighting fixture, creating a more natural and flattering lighting effect.

Overall, aluminum gel frames are a reliable and durable option for anyone working in stage lighting or film/TV production. They provide a secure and stable way to hold gels and filters in place, and their lightweight design makes them easy to transport and use.




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