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Size: 4'x4' (122x122 cm)
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Quarter Grid - Very light diffusion similar to 1/4 diffusion. Not recommended for exterior work. Grid Cloth is a more durable textile for outside conditions than artificial or China silk. The fabric is 100% nylon and has a grided weave for strength. Not appropriate for use close to a hot light source. 

Half (light) Grid - Produces a medium diffusion effect; the durable and good all-rounder. Grid Cloth is a more durable textile for outside conditions than Artificial or China silk. 

Full Grid- heavy diffusion for soft ambient lighting similar. Good for lighting cars.

Full Sail Cloth ­ 2 1/2 stop; 1/2 Sail Cloth ­ 2 stop; 1/4 Sail Cloth ­ 1/3 stop

Textile Width: 150 cm

  • Webbing all around
  • Elastic on corners
  • Ties & Storage bag are included
  • Expected availability:  3-5 business  days 


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