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Size: 4' x 4' (1.2 x 1.2m)(SEAMLESS)
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  • Webbing all around
  • Elastic on corners
  • Ties & Storage bags are included
  • Approx. Light Loss: 5 stops

Bleached muslin is a type of fabric that is used in film, video, and photography production to control and modify lighting. It is a dense fabric that is primarily used to bounce light and create a soft, even glow with no hot spot. The bleaching process makes the fabric even denser, which helps to diffuse the light and create a more uniform lighting effect.

Bleached muslin is often used as a lighting modifier to bounce light onto the subject. The fabric is usually placed in front of the light source, and the light is directed onto the fabric. The light bounces off the fabric and is then directed onto the subject, creating a soft, diffused light that is even and flattering.

In addition to its use as a light bounce, bleached muslin can also be used as a heavy diffusion material. The dense fabric diffuses the light and creates a softer, more diffused lighting effect. This can be useful for creating a more natural and flattering lighting effect, particularly in situations where the light is harsh or bright.

Overall, bleached muslin is a versatile and essential tool for anyone looking to control and modify the lighting in their photos or videos. Its density and bleached finish make it particularly effective as a light bounce and heavy diffusion material, and its ability to create a soft, even glow with no hot spot makes it a popular choice among professionals.

Cycloramas and backdrops are other uses for this fabric


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