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Size: 4'x4' (122x122 cm)
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Product Features

  • Webbing all around
  • Elastic on corners
  • Grommets
  • Ties & Storage bags are included

The description This heavier diffusion fabric is likely denser and thicker than other diffusion fabrics, which allows it to create a more even and controlled lighting effect. The brilliant white color of the fabric is important because it ensures that the color temperature of the light remains consistent, which is essential for creating accurate and natural-looking images.

The even spread of the fabric's diffusion also ensures that the light is distributed evenly across the subject, minimizing harsh shadows and creating a more flattering and natural-looking light. This type of diffusion fabric is likely to be used by professional photographers and filmmakers who need precise control over their lighting setup and require a consistent and high-quality light source.

Magic provides a reliable and controllable source of high-quality light.

Soft Box Diffusion is a woven Nylon fabric with a silicone coating on one side.

Fabric Cleaning:

Surface cleaning is preferred. If washing is required, hand wash in cold water with soap or detergent, after the unit has been carefully inspected to be certain that there are no rips or tears and that all strings have been removed. Dry on an appropriate size frame. 


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